The Gallery

by Devastating Karate

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The Gallery is Devastating Karate’s most diverse album. Although it still includes a dose of roots rockabilly, it also contains sci-fi, avant-garde, surf, art-punk, pop, metal, jazz, folk and Irish themes. You could argue that this album lacks any clear direction. In turn, it has received comparisons to Ween, The Replacements, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Clash. Just like their first two releases, The Gallery was recorded at Mikael Karlsson’s Sonic Ocean Studios. The Gallery shows continued growth of band and producer, as DK's musical breadth was expanding. The album was mastered at Capitol Records in Hollywood, and debuted to the public live on KXLU, Los Angeles.

While it’s tough classify this album under any one genre, the title track is pretty straightforward. “The Gallery” is an epic ghost story that draws inspiration from a range of classic-rock artists. It’s more accessible than most Devastating Karate tunes (according to fans in non-coastal markets), and is a strong display of the bands development and songwriting strength. “Mashed Potatoes” is one of DK’s roots-rock numbers, and has received substantial online airplay via Pandora and other outlets (Pandora RULES!!). The Gallery also includes a rockabilly take on Ween’s “It’s Gonna Be a Long Night” and a tongue-in-cheek pop-metal tribute to Celine Dion, covering Eric Carmen’s “All By Myself.” The band also produced their first music video for “All By Myself.” It’s available on the Devastating Karate’s Youtube page:

Devastating Karate continued regular SoCal tours for The Gallery, adding a winter visit to several Colorado ski-towns. The Colorado trip included excellent coverage in local publications, broadcast radio play, several on-air interviews, and a bunch of rockin shows. Devastating Karate made its second appearance at Superhero Kickball, and also performed at the South Park Music Festival. Speaking to the band’s diversity, Devastating Karate has warmed the stage for acts ranging from Shiny Toy Guns to Bob Schneider. Below are some other notable reviews of The Gallery:

Devastating Karate’s “power, energy and sense of humor equip them with a timeless quality that will probably transcend trends and fads.” -Terrance Lam, GM, Downtown Records

Compared to the Supersuckers, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and classified as “Desert Americana Boogie.” - Duncan Hudson, Music Director, KXCI, Tucson


released March 17, 2008

Nick Ratliff: vocals, guitars, mandolin
Zach Lewis: vocals, drums
Charles Pasarell: bass
Chris Cohick: guitar on "Chili Colorado"
Monk Turner: bass on “Sour Little Mind”


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Devastating Karate Los Angeles, California

"A tongue-in-cheek, honky-tonk tinged (former) power trio that hoists a brew to everything from Hank Williams' earthy country to hormonal '80s hair metal, this bunch is almost as fun as that one Fourth of July where Uncle Kenny passed out on the neighbors' lawn" (Jason Bracelin, Las Vegas Review-Journal) ... more

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Track Name: Crab Man
Hot, baby, sand, so you run across down to the water
Stomping on the hills of the CRAB MAN, because you wanna
Shockwaves span the surrounding space, down by your foot
But the grains are course and it deflects your mass

They didn’t know what day it was
With the weight crashing down
Their skeleton… is their outer skin
Dispersion of the masses
Is a vital function
Our hot skin… doesn’t harm them

The ability of an object to break into the atmosphere
It’s a function of mass and the dynamic rigidity
Decrease the mass, release your fast
Organic design is a gas gas gas

Beer, buds and quesadillas
Sounds all-right to me
I Tivoed some Star Trek and no creatures were killed by my feet
Track Name: Mashed Potatoes
Woke up and saw mashed potatoes on the wall
Big ole chew stain messed up half the hall
Unopened letters, with numbers on the back
Listening to Factory Girl

Ain’t been to long since I’m feeling this way
It’s getting better almost every day
You can’t believe that I got nothing to say
I ain’t got no time for that and that’s OK

Some things just don’t understand
Leave you on your heels wandering
So many people think they know who I am
Guess we’re just gonna find out in the end

There’s got to be a reason why you’re teasing me
What’s done is done and that’s all yesterday
But my eyes keep cheating down the back of your dress
And if you’re teasing for that reason I’ll confess

Bring it home girl, I ain’t known you that long
You sat on my lap, after I played my song
No need to get your number, don’t know why I did
We had our night no need for one again
Track Name: Purple Lotus
Just sitting inside your head
You ain’t gonna wash it out
Keep thinking of what you said
That’s never how you get it out

A silly line with no reply
Oh No! Oh No!

I tell you something
What could it be?
Grab a shot and catch a cab
Heading down to Via Marina

Locked our the balcony
Find the keys to the second floor
2 counts, we hit your bed
Paint the sheets red, you’re yelling for more
Track Name: Don't Spit It Out
It’s getting hot
You’re getting hotter
I can’t believe the heat
You wanna rock?
Well let’s party
Just you and me

Red lights in Amsterdam
You got something in your hand
You wanna do it, but do it right
You’ll lay me down tonight

Don’t spit it out!

Karate kicks
Hot licks
Sweet guitar
Drunk chicks
Smoking weed out behind the show
Fat booty mamas, hookers and blow

I know you think that it’s not for you
Don’t worry baby, I’ll give you the que
I know you know what you need to do
It’s all on you

Don’t spit it out

Your moon is rising, long and lean
You’re gonna work it, gonna work it clean
Head’s bobbing, machine gun throbbing
One more thing for me

Don’t spit it out
Track Name: Christopher
3 AM, Boston, walking home through the park
It’s the quickest way home even well after dark
Two men and their friend jumped out in front of me
The demand: my wallet for their rock

The demand: my wallet for some rock

The reply didn’t jive, the struggle took it’s place
The men tried to pin then the needle hit my skin
She got into my pocket, as I punched on in the face
She handed off the goods and then came the chase

She got in my pocket, pulled out my wallet
And handed it off for the chase
Not knowing what’s in it, I made the decision
And took off as if were on skates
Now closing the gap, his only reaction:
Throw down the goods full of spite
I looked down with pride, and looked what’s inside
Then I laid down my five for a pint
Track Name: Undone
When I look down on me
And silence rings over my shoulder
Well I know what to plead
Then they’ll take it back, then they’ll take it back

But if it doesn’t come undone (x3)
Then the lord never tore a seam

Well I just don’t know where to go
The people move so fast, the people move so fast
I really think that they don’t know
Who’s gonna hold them back, when they’re burning fast

But if it doesn’t come undone (x3)
Then I guess the lord don’t know me
Track Name: The Gallery
Something eats inside of me
I don't know where to go to get away
Walk to the Gallery.
Wendy waits inside for me
She pours my drink and quickly looks away
She's seen a better me

Old books from 1917
steal scenes I saw just yesterday.
I turn to look but she is gone
This haunting wants me all alone.

You don't shoot pool down at the Gallery
Excuses tell me its the little things.
This mystery knows just how to bother me
It blows the wind when I've been hearing things.

These hollow faces know my name
Those subtle grins just aren't the same
Footsteps with no one in the hall
follow me since I was just three feet tall

Oh, that locked up closet in the hall
That run-down ranch up in the hills
(Shattered glass lady screams, a soul with stolen dreams)
A soul wants me to take the fall
(Another evening in the Gallery)

This story ain't my strength
I tell it like it is
Clinched up in my fist most every day
Breathe it like a drug
Swinging like a thug
I take my final chug living the desperate way.

I thought I questioned what is right
Don't give up your thoughts without a fight
That holy vigor it is gone
and between all of these ghosts not one can show you love.
Track Name: Chili Colorado
I'm gonna get some chili colorado!
Track Name: 15 Years
You’re so dramatic girl that you’ll be sorry
It’s never quite the time to wait
You push the buttons so you life’s not boring
A temporary escape

When we shed our self
There’s nothing on you
Void in your cell
Makes you think you’re green

Searching for who we are can take a long time, so just unwind
You seem to think it’s automatic every time you wave your hand
Cause 15 years is a bitter pill to not know who you relate to
And then one morning, we finally start to understand

We separated when things got boring
Distracted by so many thing
A trip to college, it’s a likely story
It’s crazy what the world can bring

When we shed our self
I’m getting on you
Void in my cell
Makes me thing you’re green
Track Name: Coming Around My Place
You always end up coming around my place
You always end up coming around my place
Take that sheepish grin off your face
You always end up coming around my place

Itching in your skin in the morning
Something says your living just ain’t right
Take another drink in the evening
Take a few more drinks in the night

You always end up coming around my place
You always end up coming around my place
Take that sheepish grin off your face
You always end up coming around my place

Don’t come crying to me baby
I question what you’re doing is of spite
Ring around your rosy little posy
Don’t tell no one your posy stayed the night

Calling when I’m way out of town
Bitching that you can’t come around
Dreaming up some love you never found
Trying on my old stoli crown

You always end up coming around my place
You always end up coming around my place
Take that sheepish grin off your face
You always end up coming around my place
Track Name: Sour Little Mind
I’m drinking, I’m thinking, I’m pondering life
Dreaming, believing, gonna make things right
Cause I am gonna see this through
But I got something and I know right now It’s gonna bother you

I got a sour little mind
I got a sour little mind
So don’t make me call you up in the night
You know I’ll do it
Temptation exorcise me

My mind it gets so rusty
But some nights I break right through
Bound by selective memory
Fueled by this holy brew

But I have had enough of that now
Yeah I got something and I know right now It’s gonna bother you

My teeth, they don’t need flossing
My gums know how to chew
These thoughts they ain’t so classy
But some folks do as they do

Yeah I know what you’re thinking
Yeah I got something and I know right now it’s gonna bother you
You know I’ll do it

My mind is flashing, like those around me
It’s hard to get there from so far
Living in future, malfunction of mentality
I’ll tell you that I’ll be right there, then I’ll have to meet you at the bar

Cause I am gonna see this through
But I got something and I know right now It’s gonna bother you

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