Santa Monica Lawn Bowling Park

by Devastating Karate

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Santa Monica Lawn Bowling Park remains the Devastating Karate’s best album cover. With more developed songwriting, instrumentation and arrangements, the music is also solid. This EP maintains the attitude and intensity of their first album, but includes a more polished presentation. Recorded at Mikael Karlsson’s Sonic Ocean Studios, SMLBP displays the evolution and growth of band and producer. The six songs are a more unified merging of punk and alt-country sounds. However, the material has drawn comparisons to a wider range of artists, including The Clash, Social Distortion and early Police. Devastating Karate released the material with a live in-studio performance on KXLU, Los Angeles, where DJs Eric and Robert dubbed DK “Honky-tonk punk-rock drinking music.”

Charles Pasarell joins Devastating Karate on bass for Santa Monica Lawn Bowling Park, with Nick Ratliff and Zach Lewis still rounding out the band. The title track to this EP is probably the best single-song representation of Devastating Karate. It combines bluegrass, ska and metal riffs, while describing a mysterious interaction between Ratliff and a homeless woman at their local Jack in the Box (across the street from the Lawn Bowling Park). “Count My Stars” is the hopeful/hopeless story of a long distance relationship, “Yo Ho” represents a cowboy’s pipe dream of pillaging on a pirate ship and “Los Angeles” is a hypothetical scenario between a woman and LA’s “Grim Sleeper” serial killer. While the lyrics carry diverse, dark and humorous themes, the music is more focused and hard-hitting.

Devastating Karate toured the West Coast in support of Santa Monica Lawn Bowling Park, with their first shows in Oregon and Washington. The group also continued regular tours of SoCal, Vegas and Arizona, including their first trip to Lone Pine, CA, and its annual Superhero Kickball event.


released July 4, 2007

Nick Ratliff: vocals, guitars, mandolin
Zach Lewis: vocals, drums
Charles Pasarell: bass


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Devastating Karate Los Angeles, California

"A tongue-in-cheek, honky-tonk tinged (former) power trio that hoists a brew to everything from Hank Williams' earthy country to hormonal '80s hair metal, this bunch is almost as fun as that one Fourth of July where Uncle Kenny passed out on the neighbors' lawn" (Jason Bracelin, Las Vegas Review-Journal) ... more

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Track Name: Count My Stars
Sometimes it feels right, sometimes it’s just Ok
I’m still not quite sure how to read you
I like the moonlight, but you’re always studying
We got some walls yet to break through

You can’t say that things might never stop
Thoughts like that are thoughts of giving up
Change your mind or open up
You heart will not deceive you

Tell your eyes that time is gonna tell
Call your folks and say we’re doing well
Let’s hold hands and everything is gonna be OK
Count my stars we’ll get through the day

Your smile is sunshine, but it’s a rainy day
Contagious blues seem here to stay
Let’s stop this cycle, not wait another day
Let’s jump this ship or set things right

Always say that things are looking up
3000 miles can’t tell us when to stop
It takes some time to open up
Your heart will not deceive you

3am and we’re on the phone – hypothetical mess
Just tell me that we’re gonna work it all out
Cause each day can be just a bitch.
Track Name: Los Angeles
15 dollars, pack of smokes and a lighter
in her satin Crown Royal bag
These things they turn her on
Making her money from the punks and the junkies
try to keeping things just her way
She wakes under the sun

New day, new way, alligator sweater
Trading for some treats in the alley
This roller coaster has been riding long
But here comes the night, you’re feeling all-right
you got your bag of money and your cocaine.
That cold sucka Lonnie better have your money

She left it all for L.A. Make up the plan day by day.
Confusion of passion, lost it all. Listed as listless and bound to fall

We’re feeling all-right, I knew we would be
But desperate hard times seem to plague old Lonnie
“Hey there baby where you wanna go?
Let’s roll things down to my bungalow.”

A tisket a tasket your money’s gone
Those days when you played have been dead so long
Lonnie’s got a gat, but you’ve got a bat
And he’s got your bag of money and your cocaine
You think you shouldn’t do it, you probably shouldn’t do it, But you’re gonna do it anyway.
Track Name: Yo Ho
I run these cows through the fields, down on them planes
There ain’t no one to talk to, most days the same
I’m sick of eating beans. This slop, it ain’t no good
This saddle’s killing me. I dream all day of what I’d do

This law just ain’t no good – need another shot of patience
This dry land all around – it’s a miracle I make it
The ocean wind in my hair’s the way for me
Those golden beaches and the girls down by the sea

This ain’t no trip back into town. I’d take this ship and turn it around. YO HO!

I’d live for greater hope, cause all the dope, all the booze, and all the smokes
they’re all there for me
All day, all night, my ship sails right
Yeah we’re living for free

I’d let go everything, tell my friends it’s been real good
Let my horse get some rest, stock up on my pouch of chew
I’ve had enough of this stuff. Cowboy has got no ring
I’d take no prisoners on this pirate’s life for me.
Track Name: Santa Monica Lawn Bowling Park
“We spend some time in the park. Don’t you know?
It feels so good when we do
Don’t start that talk of our life - how’d it go
cause then I’ll hit you with my shoe

“Your Granny say’s that it’s special to go home
It gives you balance in your life
You take that stuff and shove it right back in your dome
Just cause you got rich don’t make you right.”

She sat right down at the Jack-in-the-Box beside me
and told me stories of her life
She filled her drink and asked me if I was experienced
I said that all depends as I looked her in the eye

She went outside and she met up with a dog
They take their walks out in the day
She fell asleep, laid her head against a log
Visual express has come my way.
Track Name: 3AM
You flocking up and down, up and down me
Never thinking who’s around
Wouldn’t want to hear about your other side yeah
Make me question what I’ve found

Don’t speak of your situation. Those words don’t glow
Got you down like downtown station, and moving slow
These glossy eyes hope to hypnotize
your drinks, your smokes, your booze, my dope

You’re driving my way. It’s not the right way
Sense of direction gone, we’re on the phone just for me
It’s 3AM, I gotta work the kinks out

Don’t wanna hear how things are back at home
I’m never gonna understand what’s going on
My symptoms come and go. Yours tend to find a home
Just for the record I say you and me ain’t real

On the highway. You’re driving my way
Sense of direction gone, we’re on the phone just for me
It’s 3AM. I gotta work the kinks out.
Track Name: Dinah Paige
She walks into the room with diamonds on the ground
She knows what’s under toes, but glides without a sound
She don’t let nothing go underpaid
Except those dirty workers outside her place

Love don’t come easy for Miss Dinah Paige
Daddy paved a freeway for her to get through the days

She’s got them Scotch and soda bottles locked up in the bar
But 2pm crept on in – she needs something hard
Unlocks the doors to the garden, and says come on in
Half naked on the day bed, temps Manuel (man well) to do his thing

Love don’t come easy for Miss Dinah Paige
Daddy paved a freeway for her to get through the days.
That one suggestion. What more to say?
Here comes some danger for Miss Dinah Paige

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